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Best Friend Gift- Personalized Penny Keychain Custom with Your Text-

Best Friend Gift- Personalized Penny Keychain Custom with Your Text-


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Elevate your best friend's day with a charming and whimsical touch through our customized penny keychain - a beautiful token of your unbreakable bond! Fully customizable, it strengthens your friendship and adds a special touch. Ideal for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or any occasion where you want to express your love for your bestie. Take it a step further and remind them of the immense value they hold in your life!

Each is Hand stamped with metal stamps and a hammer.  One letter at a time!  Due to the nature of hand stamping, spacing, alignment and depth will have variations.  This is not considered a defect.  Perfection is not the intent of hand stamping.  However, adding unique character and charm to each piece is!  

Only one side can be stamped as stamping is much deeper than traditional engraving.  Character limits are shown within drop down menu.  Space is extremely limited as pennies are small.  Please keep within limits stated. 

Perhaps you'd like to add pennies? Up to 5 additional pennies can be added by using the options drop down tab.  

Some older pennies minted prior to 1980 have the impressed years too close to the edge and the heart stamp would crush the last digit.  Therefore, on such cases, a small heart will be stamped near the year instead of around it.  Heart stamp around the year is standard.  If you want it omitted, you will need to tell me in the order note at the end of checkout. 

Every item comes gift ready straight to your mailbox.  Each will be enclosed in a sheer organza gift pouch alongside a gift enclosure card.  To include a note for gifting please be sure to include it at checkout in the order note section.  

If photo depicts an additional charm, it automatically is included with your purchase. 

Personalization:  Please follow instructions using the drop down menus included below item description.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to me.  I'm happy to assist!


I'm truly honored you chose me to make such a special gift!!


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