Q) Can you personalize both sides of the item? 
A) Unfortunately no, stamping is much deeper than traditional engraving and it would damage the front.
Q) What is your turnaround time 
A) Typically orders are shipped out within 1-2 days.  However, this may vary during busy holiday seasons.  
Q) Can you guarantee delivery by a certain date?
A) As much as I wish, I can't guarantee delivery dates.  I can only guarantee when your items will ship out.  
Q) I forgot to change my address at checkout.  Can you change that for me? 
A) If your item has not already been shipped, I can correct it. Please be sure to check the address before submitting your order.  If it has already shipped , there is nothing I can do.  The order will need to be returned to me, then I will contact you to set up a new shipping label purchase.  There will be an additional cost for this as the USPS does not refund for incorrect shipping address.
Q) For Memorial penny keychains, what year is typically used?
A) Typically most use the year of passing.  However, if the Birth year is between 1960- current, I will most likely have that year.  So, really, it is a matter of preference.  
Q) If I want a pair of two keychains and have selected that option, what is the qty amount I should select?
A)Please only select 1 in the QUANTITY drop down menu.